Friday, July 5, 2013

Dari Pictorial Biography Tunku Abdul Rahman Putera

Cantik destar yang dipakai. Asalnya siapa yang punya?

Petikan dari Pictorial Biography Tunku Abdul Rahman Putera tentang Sultan Sir Abdul Hamid diwaktu sewaktu baginda hendak melawat Raja Pattani,

"The prospect of enlightened improvements in administration were tragically shattered when the young Sultan was paralysed by a stroke in 1895. The cause is not known. Less than a year before he had fully recovered, he sets off with a numerous retinue to visit the Raja Of Pattani. Pattani shared with Kedah an ancient history and culture, and it was the birthplace of his father 2nd wife .The journey much of it therough the virgin forest was made on elephants and baggage included crates of whisky, members of both Kedah and Siam (baca sebagai thai) were in the habit of consuming alchohol, whisky in particular, and in quantites which to others appeared to be excessive . Sultan Abdul Hamid follow this habit".

Kisah diatas adalah dari catatan anakanda Sultan Abdul Hamid sendiri iaitu Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj (anak Che Manjalara), Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang pertama.

Kenapa rakyat dibohongi selama ini dengan mengatakan baginda seorang wali Allah?

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